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It has been a while since my last post, since I joined MuleSoft I’ve been challenging them in terms of their documentation and enablement programs, the result: Great!

You can easily find that the company is not only about selling you a solution or having a great product, it really focus on Delivery, if you ask anyone who knows me, they will confirm this about me, Delivery is a priority to me.

I leave you some resources to help you ramp up, I recommend you to suscribe to the first 2 they are free:

  1. MuleSoft Training (
    1. Free Training (
      1. YES!! FREE by MuleSoft
      2. BTW, you’ll get a voucher so you can take a Certification.
  2. MuleSoft Champions Program (
    1. This is an enablement program that helps you grow your skills through challenges. You earn rewards (points) after each challenge and you can compare your progress with other participants of the program. Amazing! 2016-08-03_1038
  3. MuleSoft Blog (
    1. Blog written by MuleSoft experts, you can find about anything here. Great for developers and architects.
  4. Others:
    1. DataWeave Examples (Mule v.3.8)

    2. RAML

      * RAML Basic Tutorial

       * RAML Advanced Tutorial (Recommended)

    3. Mule Expression Language (MEL)

        * MEL Reference (Highly recommended)

        *  MEL Tips

        *  MEL Examples

    4. Batch

      * Main Doc (Recommended)

      * MuleSoft Blog Search on Batch

    5. Update Sites

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