My name is Mauro Flores I’m a Middleware Specialist and Solution Architect , currently EMEA Regional Training Lead, with 16+ years of experience in I.T. working with different technologies like APIs, SOAP, REST, PHP, Java, C#, Portals, among others and currently certified in big part of the Oracle Fusion Middleware stack and have achieved 60% of MuleSoft Certifications.

Along this time, I have developed personal and professional high level skills, being able to work with Agile projects and manage small, medium and large teams during complex projects that have demanded efficiency, innovation, accurate usage of resources, team work, visionary mind and better knowledge and experience than the competitor plus working in a multicultural environment. I have had the chance of being part of unique solutions in the world working with highly skilled colleagues and to contribute to the growth of the company that I currently work for a place where we share common ideals.

My professional expertise comes from the opportunity of working in different sectors of I.T., starting with Hardware moving onto Software Development within important Mexican Companies, that gave me enough knowledge to create my own I.T. company dealing with more than 30 clients and therefore gained experience to understand the customer needs and resource management.

Thanks to my professional experience as a certified Martial Arts instructor and having taught in different Universities as a formal I.T. professor I understood the importance of a well carried leadership and the transfer of the knowledge which I like to encourage to my colleagues.






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