Oracle ADF Faces Cookbook as a Technical Reviewer

Oracle ADF

Author: Amr Gawish
Technical Reviewers: Mauro Flores, Matteo Formica, Bejoy thomas, Victor Jabur, Daniel Ribeiro

I recently had the opportunity to review this cookbook. As you might or might not know, cookbooks are meant for people to learn/know about a specific topic following recipes, this makes life easier for the reader but it makes it complex for the author to keep it simple but at the same time useful.

Amr Gawish did a great job with this book, he really tried to kept it focus to what it really matter, that in this case was ADF Faces.

We need to remember that ADF follows an MVC Architecture, for this reason it’s important to distinguish the difference between every layer, so it’s not the same to say ADF than ADF FACES. The latter is the front end or view layer of the ADF Framework.

From my personal point of view I like this book because it covers the most important topics of ADF FACES, it has interesting recipes about complex and basic topics and part of my recommendations was to always follow best practices, which he tries to encourage.

As mentioned before this will only cover one layer of the ADF Framework but it does a good job with it, I’ll recommend you to have a complimentary book to understand or have your recipes to hand regarding the other two layers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert in ADF, this book needs to be part of your library.


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