Change visibility of Resources – WebCenter Portal

The main idea of this post is to help you locate the  “generic-site-resources.xml” file and modify its content.

WebCenter Portal can handle resources in 2 different ways:




Creating a resource is a topic I will talk in a different post.  What I will like to share with you is how to change the visibility of  new resources in Design Time.

A good example is a Content Template, whenever you create a Content Template in Design Time, this resource by default gets a visibility to False, you can change this in runtime, but if you’re developing to test is a pain to change this property every time you lose your MDS.

Lets create a dummy content template:

2013-10-28_2121 2013-10-28_2124

By default with this settings you’re have your content template not visible. To make it visible you have 2 options:

  1. Run your Portal,
    A.-  Go to admin section then content presenter,
    B.-  Look for your template and make it visible.

    The problem with this solution is that as mentioned before you’ll lose all your changes if you are running the Portal locally and you’re erasing your MDS every time you run the Portal.


  2. Edit the generic-site-resources.xml file.
    Just look for your template, in my case “” look for the tag “<resource>”  and modify the visible property from FALSE  to TRUE.
2013-10-28_21272013-10-28_2127_001 2013-10-28_2129

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