WebCenter Portal – Formerly WebCenter Spaces

Before moving to something more technical I wanted to share with you another feature from the latest version of WebCenter.

As you might already know, there have been some naming convention changes for this version and one of the most important was renaming Spaces to Portal. This change didn’t come alone, now you don’t create spaces you create portals and portal templates.  Another add on is the Portal Builder.


The creation of a Portal is not really that different from creating a Space in the previous version, you can select from OOTB templates, or create your owns:

 2013-10-13_1511  2013-10-13_1511_001

In the  final step, there is a new step to create your pages from an input-text, you can include links and system pages:

To create a page hierarchy, use +.
Example: Page 1, +Page 2, +Page 3, ++Page 4 produces this hierarchy:e

  • Page 1
    • Page 2
    • Page 3
      • Page 4


But now let me show the interesting part that was added to this version. You can design the Portal for different MOBILE DEVICES:

2013-10-13_1516And preview them as well:

 2013-10-18_0347  2013-10-13_1536

There are some more interesting features, but I’ll be posting about them in different posts.

Note: This is not available from WebCenter Portal Framework.


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