WebCenter Portal Framework PS7 small details (404)

It’s difficult to look for things that are not posted already, I’m sure I’ll start duplicating some of them, but meanwhile, I would like to start with 1 of the differences on “WebCenter Portal  Framework Application“.

Create a WebCenter Portal  Framework Application:

New Application PS7

It might look like nothing has changed, but  if you look closer to the files that were created you’ll notice a small change:

New Structure

A new file “error404.jsp” under a “jsp” folder was created. One of the “bugs” that was happening for WebCenter Applications, was related to the problem of session expiring and getting redirected to a 404, this was because the navigation URL was only valid for authenticated users or for a specific role, example:

For PS7 this is being solved from the “error404.jsp” file OTTB, this is already added to the web.xml to be taken for 404 errors:

404 Code

Similar to what we had in the Filter, the first validation is to check if the user is logged in, otherwise he will be sent to the Login screen, if the user is logged in by default you’re sent to the 404 error but you can extend this if needed.


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